"What Did You Get?"

The above four words seem innocuous enough written on their own. Meaning anything from inquiring what a pal bought for lunch, to seeing what illness one has come down with. But two times a year at the Metropolitan Pavilion in midtown Manhattan, the meaning of these words take on quite a specific meaning. What rare piece of vinyl did you manage to pick up? Or, in record hunter parlance, “score”

The WFMU record fair is legendary for not only bringing together collectors from all over but also helping each and every one of them lighten their wallets, Some more than others. For me, while I do find it great to look for cheap bargains, the meets are more opportunities for socializing. The meets are ideal locations to run into a lot of friends, both old and new in one spot. Comisserating over a cool LP cover or interesting group.

Along with the films, live broadcasts and performances, the fair is quite the music lovers paradise. Well, that is if a little spinning hunk of plastic still rocks your boat!

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