NY Observer Cover 2002 Format

New York Observer Cover

This version of the NY Observer cover ran for several years and stood out by the use of several boxed news items at the top of the page. Also notable is the use of illustrator Barry Blitt’s small spot illustrations which not only were amusing and informative but also gave the paper that wonderful old-world feel that publisher/owner Arthur Carter cherished.

Highlighting this particular issue is Drew Friedman‘s stunning artwork of what editor Peter Kaplan would have surely called the “Biddy-o-cracy”. The old-school gossip mongers who subtly influence the New York media world.

It was always a pleasure to work with Drew who I’ve long admired from his underground art days illustrating Borsch Belt comedians and grade-Z movie and TV celebrities. The aim here, as with most of the Observer commissioned artists, was to make their work stand out front and center.

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