CPA Wealth Provider Covers

CPA Wealth Provider, a quarterly publication also published under the Source Media banner, mainly concentrated on investment aspect of accounting. The covers were ideas between the editor Stuart Kahan and myself. While we used photography for the covers, Stuart also was every open to using art. Especially for the yearly awards issues. This particular awards issue features the art of illustrator Tom White. The great portrait of an unconventional money manager was made by Dan Donovan. Emiril indeed!

New York Observer Cover 2006 Format

This redesigned version was an attempt to repurpose the content around a narrower page size. It’s notable for the elimination of Barry Blitt‘s small illustrations as well as the opening up of the top of the page. The decision was made to reduce the number of columns so as not to affect the art as much. These two issues also highlight two of the other artists who worked with us regularly. On the left, Robert Grossman, whose whimsical style was often perfect for depicting the silliness of various, otherwise serious,... Read The Rest →

NY Observer Cover 2002 Format

This version of the NY Observer cover ran for several years and stood out by the use of several boxed news items at the top of the page. Also notable is the use of illustrator Barry Blitt’s small spot illustrations which not only were amusing and informative but also gave the paper that wonderful old-world feel that publisher/owner Arthur Carter cherished. Highlighting this particular issue is Drew Friedman‘s stunning artwork of what editor Peter Kaplan would have surely called the “Biddy-o-cracy”. The old-school gossip mongers who subtly influence the New... Read The Rest →

Practical Accountant Covers

Practical Accountant, Accounting Technology’s sister publication, differed in its approach to the subject of accounting. And as such, often used portraits for cover images. Every once in a while though we’d get a chance to illustrate a concept. Here is an example of two such covers. On the left, the world-wide impact of accounting firms seeking to consolidate their work is aptly portrayed by artist David Cutler. On the right, our Top Firms issue allowed us to highlight Josh Sanseri‘s fantastic portrait of an accountant that works with shipping companies.

Accounting Technology

These covers are an example of the work that Accounting Technology, a leading industry trade magazine, often featured. Many times we had to take difficult to describe financial concepts and find ways that drew in the readers. Luckily we had the benefit of working with an incredible pool of established illustrators such as Matt Wood on the left and Ryan Etter on the right.

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